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tv   America Live  FOX News  January 30, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> for most of us the super bowl doesn't just mean the biggest super bo became of t game of the year it means today. you might just want to grab a cupcake instead. this bakery in up state new york is offering savory cupcakes for game day. flavors include pepperoni pizza, beer with lime and chicken kings. chicken king cupcakes along with nach co and cheese, chocolate covered pretzels. they are selling like hot cakes. >> i don't know about frosting
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for chicken wings. >> if i want something that tastes like a chicken wing i will just get a chicken wing. >> kudos for creativity. that's the american spirit. >> thanks for joining us. "america live" starts right now. >> fox news lart. -- news alert. we got possible news on a news conference on a heartbreaking situation in alabama for 24-hours now. the life of a 6-year-old child is in the hands of a suspected killer. welcome to "america live." the suspect has had a little boy in a homemade under ground bunker for more than a day. yesterday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. the suspect stormed a school bus demanding a child. the driver refused. the gunman killed him and escaped with a little boy. hours later the fbi took over the investigation. swat teams, bomb squads and
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police surrounded the property of a man named jimmy lee dikes. he is a possible suspect but police have not yet confirmed that. today mr. dikes was scheduled to be in court for allegedly firing gun shots during a dispute with neighbors. we are live near the scene with more. >> elizabeth. >> we are moments away from a press conference. i can see the public information officer heading our way. this whole area is evacuated behind me. that perpetrator is up along a cul-de-sac at the end of that dirt road there. that is where we know he is hunkered down in the homemade bunger you speak of with the 6-year-old victim. he has been communicating with police through a pvc pipe but we know little about their communications. they haven't released anything about the kindergartner or his
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medical condition. it shows you how scary the situation was on the bus. listen. >> most of the kids not all of the kids are accounted for. other kids ran into a house that was buildieing built. we don't have all of the kids accounted for. >> one child iss hostage. >> they don't believe he was taken by the suspect but all of the kids are not accounted for. hours ago the identity of the 66-year-old bus driver charles albert poland jr., he was killed just hours after being shot. he was shot several times. he has several incidents with his neighbors where he was harassing them or threatening them with weapons. >> elizabeth, when the man boarded the bus and demanded a child did he demand this
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specific child and do we believe there's a relationship between the two? >> we don't have any proof that he asked specifically for that child. we know there's no evidence of a relationship between the two. perhaps a prior meeting or evidence of them even knowing each other. are the parents on-site? do we have any word of parents being there or being involved the parents of this little boy? oo at this location we haven't seen any family members. this behind me is a staging area where the fbi is here, local state officials swat teams are going up and down this dirt road here to get to the home and communicate with the suspect. it could remain closed for the rest of the week. we have no information on the deadity of the little boy. >> have they said what kind of
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gun was used in the killing of the bus driver? >> we have asked the police a number of times they said they were going to hold a press conference every two hours. there's an impromptu conference now. >> you get the information and bring it back to us. >> a big hearing in washington, d.c. as witnesses for and against gun laws testify about ways to keep children safe. as we talk about assault weapons and high capacity magazines there are a growing number of people suggesting adding a ban will not. a heartbreaking story out of chicago a 15-year-old honor
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student was shot and killed near her school. last week she had taken parts in events surrounding president obama's inauguration in dc and now she is dead thanks to a senseless act. trace gallagher has the story. trace? >> megyn was she was in a park her school. it was raining she was with a dozen other students and they were huddled beneath the canopy. a man jumped the fence ran toward the fence and fired. she was struck in the back and killed. other kids under that canopy did be long to gangs. police say they did not. she played in a band and performed at some inaugural events. as you might image her family is absolutely devastated. >> i am not worried about where she is going. i know who has her. i just miss her.
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my heart there's a hole. >> last month the students at her high school protested not being able to wait inside the school to wait for kids instead had to wait outside which is why she was out in the rain. they have reversed that policy. it was just this week the father of the newtown victim 6-year-old james mateolo pointed out the violence and the gun laws in chicago. listen to this. what i would say is chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and i would say to people who wanted to have a civil discussion on the topic, i don't think the gun laws are protecting the people let alone the 500 who perished last year. >> to that very point right there chicago does have among the toughest gun laws in the country. last year there were 2,354
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shootings up 12 percent from 2011 and there were 487 gun homicides up 19 percent from 2011 and 99 percent of those shootings in chicago happened with hand guns. oo we are bringing in brit hume. start with the story of this little girl and the city of chicago and what they are going through. they had a ban on hand guns until the supreme court said that's unconstitutional. they are about the toughest laws you can have in the country. the number of children and people we see executed by criminals who don't care what the gun laws are today, tomorrow or yesterday is just staggering. your thoughts? >> that's one of the problems with legislating on this you are making illegal behavior that's already illegal. you are making killing people
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with guns may be a little harder, but nobody knows 300 million guns in this country a nati. there's not a lot of evidence bans on certain types of weapons are going to keep the guns out of the hands of certain types of criminals. that's why this is such a hard thing to get at. >> everyjuan wants the violence to stop. newtown rocked this country in a way that it hasn't been rocked in a long time. dead children, 6-year-olds. but i tell you, britt, the concern is, are we rushing down a road where we are going to wind up with comfort checks akin to what we have at the airports these days. you take a 5 ounce bottle of shampoo on, you can take off your shoes but not if you are elderly but not if you are a child. are they things we do whether
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all of the guns in this country whether further restrictions on them will deter anybody except law abiding people therefore make the lives like the trips to the airport more inconvenient without any assurance of safety. there's no way to know how much safer we are because of all we go through at the airport. one sense is that if you had a bomb you wouldn't pry to run it through the checkpoints which is an argument for having them there. in all, i still come back to the old saying, if you ban guns only criminals will have guns. >> that is what we saw in some of these cities like washington, d.c. >> yes, that's right. you think about this terrible story of that little girl, your heart just breaks for her family. she apparently was not the intended victim.
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she was sort of an accidental result of the level of gun play in the city of chicago despite it's strict laws that is obviously out of control with the number of homicides you are seeing out there with guns. you do worry about whether any of the things we are considering here would really be effective. you certainly have to be concerned when you look at what is contemplated about whether the things would stop anything that happened in newtown. i haven't heard a proposal that would have done that. >> the most they have talked about is getting reaid of the hh capacity magazines and perhaps having slowed the shooter down having slowed him down. you heard mark kelly the husband of gabby gifford today suggesting the background check system was too weak on the shooter. gabby gifford herself appealed the law americas to get something that says look it's hard for me to speak but i will
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give you a brief portion of what she had to say. >> it will be hard, but the time is now. you must act. be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. a oo her husband said, britt, that 33 bullets were fired in 32 minutes, 33 people were hit. it was a hand gun. it was a semiautomatic hand gun but it had high capacity magazine. he would point to that situation as something that should change and would change under diane fine stein's legislation reducing magazine rounds to 10. >> maybe something like that could pass. it is still a tough sell in a lot of parts of the country. what tends to happen. you see an event like newtown
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tremendous imp to etus to this to restrict guns, firearms, then you see testimony of someone like gabby giffords. remarkable she is even there. she looks great. she has trouble speaking and it touches you. they give political impetus. emotional things do. he these things tend to fade with time. it will be months and months before anything reaches the floor of both houses. and we will see. ever since the supreme court declared the second amendment plus individuals there are real limits on what you can do. you might be able to restrict the size of the magazine that might help some. is that going to do a lot for the murder rate in chicago? will that save the life of the girl killed out there accidentally by some guy with a
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gun? one wonders. >> we are hearing new information about the future of healthcare after the top experts told congress yesterday a shortage of doctors is already compromising care at some of our bigs hospitals. they are predicting this is about to get a whole lot worse than the coming months. dr. siegel is next. >> two of america's popular frozen pizzas may be joining you.
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>> new concerns over the future of healthcare after the top medical experts yesterday warned the u.s. senate about the growing doctor shortage in america. here is some of what they had to say. >> as we have heard today nearly $10 million is spent by the federal government to support these hospitals. currently we have no planning in place to actually meet the needs of our population of the united
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states with regard to a physician work force. >> it is estimated 30 million americans will gain coverage through medicaid and/or health insurance exchange. 130 million will still remain uninsured. we strongly support the coverage expansions which open the door to a broader healthcare system with many of our patients. we know well coverage alone doesn't equate to access. >> the current influenza crisis shows delivery to -- the primary care provider could have educated them on influenza and influenza vaccine. tens of thousands of people are presenting to emergency rooms sick and looking for help. >> and where are the doctors? ear is one. dr. mark seigel a member of the team and associate professor at mangone medical center which i
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highly recommend. had both of my children there. they are saying what you have been saying on this program for years there is a doctor shortage in this country it is severe already and it's going to get more severe unlessing obama care kicks in in earnest and all of the people come on to the rolls. who is going to see them? >> the main thing focused on there in the lead up is that it is primary care doctors we are worrying about most. that's me a vanishing species. here's what a primary care doctor is an obstetrician, gynecologist, pediatrician, internist, family practitioner. it's the front line. the person go to the hospital. stay home. hospitals love specialists. why? specialists make money for the hospital. >> why is that? >> a surgeon brings someone to the operating room and then
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cleared by the anesthesiologists. they are utilized by specialists for the main part. hospitals rely on primary care doctors in order to put patients in but they can put them on salary and pay them less. >> primary care doctors don't get paid as much. there are specialties that get paid very well anesthesiology, on the mol gophthalmology. >> d to see more and more patients and our expenses keep going up. one thing that is hap to go try to stem the tide is more and more nurse practitioners are coming in. we are seeing 80 percent increases in nurse practitioners. they are not paid that much either. you end up with a medical team you think you are seeing one doctor, there are no doctors at all. some have physicians assistants even in the intensive care unit. you may have relied on one good
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doctor all these years. now there's five people a care specialist. >> that one doctor knew you and knew your history. >> somebody could be pissed off at you they spent too much of the hospital's money. you could end up with this team some of which you like and some you don't like. you don't get the care you used to get. >> they are saying all of these people are going to come on to the insurance rolls and be looking for doctors. not just that but we had a report how in chicago they are considering pushing people they can't live up to their promises to take care of their health benefits which they leave their ploy, the government's ploy let's let obama care push on to the exchanges. we have the report that new our viewers know they are trying to potentially legalize up to 11 million illegal immigrants in this country within the next decades and then if they are u.s. citizens they have a right to take advantage of obama care. who is going to cake care of all these people and if they can't be taken care of if you like
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your doctor you can keep them be true if they have insurance and doctor patient relationship. >> with all due respect to president obama i think that quote is one of the most absurd quotes especially in massachusetts where you have seen an 82 percent increase wait for primary care doctors. that bill passed up there. 82 percent increase. what happens is people go to the emergency rooms. they are 10 percent less. they are already over crowded you are going to have to wait. you are not going to see your doctor you have to wait. >> dr. seigel, thank you. thank you very much. >> this is a fox news alert. the death toll is growing after a twister slams this town in georgia. we will have an update on the scene in a few minutes. turkey breast with stuffing
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>> you are looking live at the radar. tornado warnings issued for northern georgia. one person has been killed by storms 60 miles northwest of atlanta. a tornado reported in that area. this is new video coming into the fox newsroom showing cars flipped over and homes torn apart. look at that. we are getting word that crews are responding to reports of more people trapped in buildings right now. the storm system is from ohio to northern part of idaho. we are getting hundreds of reports of damaging hail, storm winds and twists. >> fox news alert as we get word of a possible workplace shooting at an office complex in arizona. details are scarce right now but fox affiliate reporting that four people have been shot in glendale north of downtown
10:28 am
phoenix. trace gallagher tracking the details right now. >> four people were shot and we don't know the severity of their injuri injuries. this happened at a mortgage office in glendale 40 miles west of phoenix. they were milling around there. we were told there were a number of first responders and members on scene as well as police. we are not sure how long ago this was. this is nettot live. these are people kind of milling about. the shooting happened inside the mortgage office we don't know if the suspect has been apprehended or not. there is no word if the suspect may have been one of the four who was shot. again we are in contact now with police as we get more
10:29 am
information but we have little right now as the shooting outside of the mortgage office in glendale. we will bring it to you right now little crossing the wires. our affiliate is working the story just arriving on scene as we speak. >> we will get more information on that shortly. back to trace as he has more information. also trying to get back to touch with elizabeth pran to see the results of the presser in atlanta and more on the twister damage as video comes in awith reports of people possibly trapped in buildings affected by the tornado. stay with us. busy afternoon. this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together.
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delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> fox news alert. we are getting a little more information on the hostage situation in alabama with this 6-year-old boy. police swat teams and hostage negotiators were locked in a stand offwednesday with a gunman author thes say stopped a school bus, killed the driver, snatched a 6-year-old boy and retreated into a bunker at his home. neighbors are describing the suspected gunman as a paranoid and combative man who they have seen threaten to shoot children for setting foot on his property and patrols his yard at night with a flashlight and shot gun. police have no news other than to ask them to share prayers for a peaceful end to this situation. unfortunately that's all we have right now. we are going to wait and try to
10:34 am
find more. prayers can't hurt but we need information and we need a successful resolution to the information. >> breaking news on the economy sparking a new debate over the president's priorities for his second term as washington talks of gun violence and immigration reform the commerce department announces the economy shank in the last quarter of 2012. this is not only the single decline of 2012 we did not shrink in any more quarter. it is the first drop we have seen in 3 and a half years. why thare they talking firearms and immigration reform instead of ways to put people back to work. daily beast columnist kirsten powers. we sat out there when he made his inaugural address some of the panel skrcontract sized president obama for talking about things like immigration
10:35 am
reform and gun control and his push on green energy. where was the talk about jobs and the economy and now we see this economic news about how we slunk in the fourth quarter. >> the president has to be concerned about the ec you can't be president and ignore what's going on economically. the problem is what direction he is going to go. he wants to focus on deficit reduction. deficit reduction is important, it really doesn't have any connection in terms of creating jobs in the short term. obama has made it clear he would like to do more stimulus spending. repu republicans aren't open to that. they control half of -- control the house and democrats control the senate. it remains to be seen what will
10:36 am
happen. the deficit is a problem and needs to be dealt with. it is not going to progress the way it is raised. >> for the fourth quarter he slufrpgs in terms of growth. now is the worst possible time to cut spending even further. the economists look at this slijage and say it was due in large parts of federal spending being cut. what is the con sefb tive answer -- conservative answer to that? >> we spent nearly a trillion dollars in the initial stimulus bill in january or february 2009. we have spent hundreds of billions more over the next 3 and a half years to try to stimulate the economy. we have gotten sadly used to this new normal between the gdp of 1 and say 2 percent. that is the status in the united states of america.
10:37 am
we have the worst u.s. recovery ever on record in this president. economics is a straight forward signs. you look over the last four years and you see higher taxes, class warfare radical wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, unprecedented spending record breaking deficits and debt. you say of course this is the logical results of all of those policies. it's not a big mystery here. they a >> they are also pointing to this effect of gridlock in washington and some people may be freaked out by higher taxes. there's a question of whether there is any will in washington to make anything meaningful happen on the questions of spending and our budget which we haven't had in four years now. we don't have a budget. senator mary landrow dismissed diskri discretionary spending.
10:38 am
>> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which by the way is not out of control despite what you hear on fox news. >> it doubled since 2000. >> why she says stuff like that i don't know. i guess she gets extra brownie points and a pat on the head or attacking fox news. our spending is out of control, the argument see should have made is that our immediate problem is dealing with jobs. attacking the deficit right now isn't going to help us with jobs. it is out of control. we have long-term structural problems with entitlement spending for example. the issue is what do we do right now to deal with this. i think a lot of democrats feel that it is not the time to cut spending it's a time to stimulate the economy.
10:39 am
i want to address what monica said, the stimulus did work. i know people like to say over and over it didn't work. economist after economist have said this. it did keep us from -- -- he said we would be in a worse situation if we had not done it. we could have gone into a great depression. taxes have not really gone up. we have had the bush tax cuts right now for a decades. the not stimulated the economy in the way republicans say they would. i think there's a real debate to be had here. we have to be honest about the fact that the deficit is not the immediate issue. >> what does this do to the push that the president wants and some other democrats want for more tax hikes? they want to close hoop holes which is the tax hike. the president was saying when we were struggling and in a recession now is not the time to raise taxes. this is the worst we have been since we came out of that recession. hoping for a one-percent growth which is an nehm mick.
10:40 am
instead of growing it's like we lost weight instead of growing weight. you run a gain rate every year. >> he is going to press for more that he canses. this is not about restructuring the sucht economy if you look at the last of the second half. every single time congresses of both taerts weather they are jqk or george w-bush. you can-- every time you raise taxes you shrink this. he's interested in the wealth redistribution part of the transformation of the u.s.
10:41 am
economy. so again test no mystery we are seeing this kind of attraction. policies in the western europe we are turning into europe. you have permanent high unemployment. you have got major deficits. you have got an implosion being created fwhiez sovereign debts. it is right there across the ocean. it is a much bigger economy. >> i have to go because we have to talk about whether your frozen pizza can kill you. >> say it ain't so, megyn. >> for the record i want to say i disagree with everything monica said. >> the record shall so reflect. a new lawsuit suggests that something in your freezer could kill you. what? stay tuned and find fout what s
10:42 am
freezer product it is and why. several news outlets suggested a parent of a newtown shooting victim was recently heckleed by so-called gun supporters at a hearing in hartford. but is it true? we will play you the tape and let you decide. bad behavior or one media outlet intentionally trying to deceive? >> i ask anybody in this room who can give me one reason or challenges this question why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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>> on the sdok et a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit targeting america's frozen pizza makers. accusing stauffers and de goeigo
10:46 am
onning you. >> so this is not the first lawsuit of its kind against a particular product that they find objectionable in these pizzas. what is the plaintiff's case? >> what she is saying she goes a little over board. she loses a little credibility. >> sell her down the river. >> thank you, arthur. >> i am analyzing, your honor. >> what she is saying is they are using inferior products. >> not inferior toxic cars no genics. >> that's where she is going with the poison. the only reason she is doing that is to increase the profits it allows her to keep the pizza in the frozen food section. if you are buying frozen pizza as opposed to fresh pizza money
10:47 am
is a bit of an issue in life. it will make a difference which is the cheapest pizza here. at what costs? you are selling the cheapest pizza because you have an ingredient that causes cancer. mayor bloomberg says you can't have it in new york. denmark says you can't have it in this country but we are allowing it to be sold in the super mare ket. >> i read the papers say what is it? i have frozen pizza when i was 4 and i have it now. >> what horrible thing is in there? oo it is partially high drod nated vegetable oil. >> if i got a nickel for every time i heard profits over people representing clients in this very same fashion i would be a multi millionaire. bottom line is this, the fbi requires it has trans fats for their frozen pizzas that's one
10:48 am
gram. if that's all the fda requires. consumer information in the marketplace let the consumer make the decision. if if you want to have trans fat go to mcdonalds get a french fries. >> not in new york. >> not in new york. >> news flash. trans fat is terrible for you. it is terrible for you and it can lead to heart disease and other things as can regular fat things that aren't even fat sugar and so on. her point is it's unlawful to put it into this product. does she claim under representing the amount of trans fat in the digiorno pizza. >> no she is claiming -- this is the lus that may not be trying to win the lawsuit but trying to establish change. i think she has a shot at doing this. >> this is in california. the people's republic of california. that's why. >> that as well. but what she is trying to say is
10:49 am
megan there are healthier alternatives that do the same thing. they are only a little bit more expensive not critically expensive. not like the pizza will go from $5 to $7. it may go to $5.15. she is trying to put the word out there in awhy are we puttin these products known to cause cancer. >> she claims trans fats can cause heart disease, diabetes, breast, prostate, alzheimer's cognitive decline. yet the fda says it's not a poison and it's not a carcinogen. >> that's why i always tell if you are using trans fat inform the public they make a decision. they have trans fat naturally. lamb, meat, butter. let the consumer decide. >> in society we have decided not to do that.
10:50 am
we don't let the consumer decide whether or not to wear a seat belt or not. >> are you nanny bloomberg. >> seat belt only saves my life doesn't save anybody else's life. we have mandated we have to wear a seat dell belt. >> there is no proof that it is a poison. >> consumer lawsuits again mcdonalds oreos and most of these cases they are taking the trans fats out. this may mean more about trying to get their money. we are following a developing story from washing ton and miami as the fbi raids the offices last night of a miami doctor tied to democratic senator bob mendez. is the raise connect -- raid connected to the claim that a senator hired young prostitutes or does it have to do with the
10:51 am
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>> new questions following recent coverage of hearing of the newtown shooting tragedy. media outlets suggested the father of one of the victims was quote heckleed by gun nuts during his testimony. trace gallagher has the story. trace? >> if you watch this it was very powerful. neil talking about the death of his 6-year-old son jessie really heartbreaking stuff. he spoke for more than 15 minutes about 14 minutes in the audience did interject and many major news networks and newspapers reported he was heckled. here is the clap that msnbc ran. watch it.
10:55 am
>> why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips. not one person can answer that question. >> please, no comments while he is speaking or we will clear the room. >> but what the clip leaves out is true shall context put this on the screen he's addressing the room and saying, i wish, i ask if there is anybody in this room that can give me one reason or challenge this question. now listen to that same clip with this line at the beginning. play it.
10:56 am
>> not one person can answer that question. flush >> please no comments while he is speaking or we will clear the room. please continue. >> you have to decide for yourself if there is disrespect there. the audience interjected clearly but he asked the room a question and then he got no response, he looked around that's when the response came, megyn. he wasn't upset afterwards. i have my opinion i hope you respect it. you have yours and i respect it. >> he invited participation into thiz discussion.
10:57 am
he looked around asking for feedback which was then provided. that changes things. all right trace, thank you. we are becoack if 3 minutes with information on the workplace shooting in phoenix and the twister outbreak in southern united states which is getting a dramatic look at these pictures. wait until you see the report we just got from georgia and is a cold blooded killer lurking in your house right now? >> that's the right video. we will talk about it. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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the situation is far from over. trace gallagher from the newsroom. >> happened outside of a mortgage office in gl glendale about 40 miles out of feiphoeni. conflicting reports as to whether the gunman is there or if he fled. we are being told this is a man that may be in his 60s who went into this building targeting somebody. two people shot four people injured somehow during this. a woman called 911 saying she locked herself inside the room but she could hear people outside of that room screaming. again he went in targeting people and opened fire inside this mortgage building.
11:02 am
you can see right there they brought 3 people out on stretchers earlier and they are saying all three of those victims have life threatening injuri injuries. again police believe this was a targeted shooting inside this mortgage office. there was word it might have been in a parking garage. we learn that it was inside this office building one mile around this building has been locked down. it is unclear if the shooter thread outside of the perimeter or if he might be inside. the entire building has been evacuated as we get more updates on the condition of the victims and whether or not the shooter has been apprehended or is in fact on the lose. we will get back to you. >> thank you, trace. the death toll is rising after a reported twister slams the town in northern georgia.
11:03 am
we are learning one person has been killed and we are getting new video of the damage showing streets covered in debris. look at this poor person trying to pull out something, anything. the homes there have been reduced to rubble in many circumstances. our reporter doug evans from our fox affiliate has filed this report from the path of where the storm swept through. >> this will be of interest to you. this is a cinder block home. the house blew apart. that is -- that gives us a good indication the intensity of this attorney doe and the wind speed. this whole house was made of cinder block and you are seeing what is left as the carter family goes through debris looking for anything they can salvage. it is incredible. how does any one survive this?
11:04 am
three people survived in this home because they took shelter quickly in the bathroom. you can see what is left of the bathroom there. there is not much left. you see the toilet there you see the sink, the vanity still hanging on the wall along with that hair drier one of the oddities of a tornado, the things that it leaves behind. but this is the bathroom inside the certainty of the house. ms. carter is standing right over here. i want to make my way over to her. we have already recorded one interview with her but i want you to hear her story live because it's extremely compelling. we are on live television right now. can you tell me, ma'am, what it was like to be in that bathroom as this storm hit? >> it was awful. just the feel of being sucked out of the house and all of the walls collapsing in on you not
11:05 am
fun at all. >> tell me about everyone who was inside the bathroom? >> it was me and my son and my boyfriend were in the house. he came over just to wake me up to make sure i was going to leave, and he was here not even 5 minutes he come running back in the house we were sitting there and we heard the sounds. there wasn't no sirens or nothing. with you gou running out i see it come sitting down. he jerked me from the window. i wasn't moving. we get my son up off of the couch and we ran into the bathroom. it all collapsed as we went diving into the bath club. >> you were tossed out of the bathroom. >> yeah. >> that is incredible. there is so much heavy debris here these bricks are so incredibly heavy. it is amazing you were able to make it out of the home. and you are not hurt? >> i am aching, but my son i
11:06 am
think he might have broke his finger, but, no. >> incredible that you are okay. >> it was a blessing from god. it it wasn if it wasn't we woul here. >> we are glad you are okay. thank you for sharing your story. >> the path came over this hilltop here took it across the road and hit that business as well where they were taking shelter in a bathroom area as well. everybody over there is doing okay. it's alarming that a cinder block structure like this has literally exploded here in this tornado. again that's an indication of the intensity of these winds. >> wow. thanks to doug for that report. we will have more with rick lon the storm's attack in just a bit. >> we are tracking an investigation involving powerful new jersey senator bob mendez. there are reports the top
11:07 am
democrat took trips to the dominican republic and paid for sex with prostitutes including under aged prostitutes. late last night the fri raideded offices of one of the senator's top financial backers. a miami doctor suspected of providing the senator with free trips to the dominican republic and alleged to have connected him with prostitutes. what is not clear is whether the raid had anything to do with senator mendez. the doctor has troubles of his own. he's in trouble with the irs for more than a million dollars in back taxes. the fbi refuses to clarify what it was doing at the offices. we have the editor for the daily collar. it has been the web site that first broke this information back in november. you were dismissed by the senator then and the right wing blog that was not worthy of
11:08 am
credence, now there's more. now we get the fbi raiding this guy's office, this doctor. the miami harold and you have both reported this investigation is believed to be focusing on the doctor's finances but this is from the miami harold. it says and on the allegations about mendez's trips with prostitutes. that is not a right wing blog the miami herald. >> at the daily collar we broke this back in november on the strength of testimonies of two women who were paid to have sex with bob mendez. >> you put it on camera. it is all translated from spanish. we will run some of the video to show that you did do that. >> what really became interesting about this story in the past week is a tipster came forward put documents on the internet including in those documents were the testimony of another woman who said i was 16 when i slept with the senator.
11:09 am
that's what made it a bigger story. we have a law in this country with the protect act which makes it a federal felony thougo engan elicit sex acts regardless of where you are in the world or whether it is legal there. prostitution is legal in dominican republic. over the age of 18 but it's legal. what seems to be getting him in trouble is two things that he may have slept with an under aged prostitute, there's no roof he paid for it. i believe the doctor may have paid for it. the other thank will get mendez in trouble is the fact that the senate ethics committee was never consulted about any of this travel. we have been able to establish conclusively the senator traveled to the dominican republic. when you do that.
11:10 am
in a paper statement senator mendez has traveled all of which have been paid for and recorded appropriately. then they go on to say this. any allegations with prostitutes are manufactured by politically right wing blog and are false. it is not him saying anything more than this is manufactured by politically right wing blog. he says the allegations are false. >> he is calling liars the two brave women going forward on camera or going look, not only does this guy sleep with us but paid to do it in these two women they were under played. they were said 500 bucks and they only got paid 100. if he is calling these women liars that's fine. we will see how this plays out. ultimately a what will happen is the fbi will run an investigation. i wouldn't be surprised if additional search warrants are
11:11 am
served maybe one in new jersey. it depends what kind of records they find in the doctor's possession. >> it's no longer just the daily collar. with all dupre respect. it tends to be right leaning he dismisses that. but the miami herald and others are talking this. they are believed to be focusing on among other things that he has prostitutes. under aged prostitutes that is a problem for him legally in the united states. w i want to ask you this. somebody tried to confront him and ask him to comment on the allegations. you have got that it is a -- hold on. it is just the audio. let's listen. >> just wanted to ask you to set the hearing all of these stories about the fbi investigating you. from ush flush
11:12 am
>> he refuses to respond directly. under age or the prostitutes claim this happened over easter in 2012. do you have information on his public schedule over easter of 2012? >> there was no public schedule. there were no public events on his schedule for that weekend. we have actually challenged his press flack, his spokes people as early as october 31st we started asking him please tell us where he was during that weekend of easter 2012. they refuse to tell us. >> do we know when his plane was in the united states or on its way to the dominican republic? >> we have confirmed using the
11:13 am
tail number of aircraft that the plane was in dominican republic. it left florida went to dominican republic and came back. >> did it make any steps pick anybody up? do we know anything about its root? >> sta-- ruth. routh /* route. >> it went to the activity where all of these tack place. we are not just talking about one incident. we have had a dominican public official tell us on background that this has been gpg on for years. these alcohol fuelled sex and hooker parties. he puts together mr. belgian with senator mendez there over a period of three years. this doesn't se this>> this guy is supposed to take over the foreign relations committee with john kerry moving to secretary of state. we will continue to follow it. thank you for being here.
11:14 am
>> my pleasure. >> fox news exclusive what could be an issue with the healthcare over hall. we are shining a spotlight on the system. new warnings of killer kitties where they are building called out by a new report from the federal agency. helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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11:17 am
>> fox news alert. chicago mayor rob emanuel former white house chief of staff president obama announcing moments ago he is asking mutual funds to yank their investments and quote black list any gun companies that pose the president's new gun control proposals. he made a similar move last week asking banks to black list the gun manufacturers to to stop doing business with them unless they got behind the president. bill deblasio aimed at pressuring investment firms to retract fundings from the same law abiding gun companies.
11:18 am
he is the new york stays advocate and mayor. he is here in the studio. >> you want mayor bloomberg's job and you are second in line if mayor bloomberg steps down you are the air apparent to the mayoral position today. here is the position he took on the show. >> this is improper government tal int peerference in second amendment or first amendment right to issue their own views. the state government the city government whatever it is behind trying to silence somebody's views you have crossed a legal line. what say you? >> don't kicouldn't disagree mo. i have seen what you said and judge napolitano said. mayor emanuel is fight ago tough
11:19 am
situation in chicago right now trying to protect families and children. we can't accept business as usual. we are going to use every proposal we can. we are not going to see military grade weapons available on the civilian market. these masses aurora, virginia tech, tucson, obviously newtown. lost 20 children. >> i am telling you legal weapons in so many of the cases legal weapons this tindustry ha to goat a hold of this situation. my child walks the streets of new york city. we can't have weapons open in the market that can cause such horrible damage. if we didn't use the tools we wouldn't stand up. >> this is how i feel i have the better argument and here's why. say all of the things you just said. why go to a law abiding -- why
11:20 am
go to a law abiding company that employs thousands of american citizens and say, you are black listed, you are done no relations should be had with you because i don't happen to like the right you are exercising. >> i exercise my first amendment right as a leader elected by the people. >> you have power they don't have. >> and i use that power to change a status quo that is killing our children. as simple as that. this $1.5 billion in pension fund money at the state and local level 100 million or more of that is going into guns and ammunition industry. that is unacceptable. from my point of view that is propping up an industry that is helping to lead to these kind of debts, these kind of massacres and it's funding the nra. the nra is the reason why we don't have change in this country. there's a huge majority of approval background checks on assault weapons ban. the majority of americans are
11:21 am
speaking. >> we had a fox news poll that says 69 percent of the american people support the gun -- the proposed salt weapons ban. there are the numbers on your side but that doesn't answer the question about whether -- you bill de blas yo private citizen, not public advocate, you can say whatever you want but once you blanket yourself in state authority it takes on a new meaning. it gives you more power and gives you this special power to cause people to behave in a way that they might not otherwise want to behave. what if you had a poll significance targeting to obtain legal abortions. you are allowed to rent to them but they had apportions. really strongly encourage you from renting from a woman who had an abortion. >> there is no parallel. huge powerful industry backed by the single most powerful lobby.
11:22 am
>> single most powerful is in the nra. it is funded by this industry according to new york times article. the industry of the nra is inseperable. they are stopping legislation the majority of people want. if i don't use my power to break that law there's something wrong with me. i am obligate the to fight for the people this way. >> what happens when you have a republican mayor who comes out and says i am very pro-life those were babies that were killed. i am doing what i can to protect the lives of those unborn babies. you see the dangerous slippery slope you are putting us down by using the blanket of government authority to oppose your viewpoints on law abiding citizens. >> i appreciate the attempt to parallel i appreciate it but i don't agree with it. when you have a situation that is out of control where young people are dying because of a situation that will not reign itself in we are going to use the power of government to change its ways.
11:23 am
>> bill, thank you for coming in. we are getting an eye opening interview with one of the neighbors to the standoff in alabama. this is live pictures coming back to us now. check this out. a man is holding a 6-year-old boy hostage in an under ground bunker. we will have an update from the neighbor next. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> brand new exclusive video by the fox business network showing a new jersey hospital how some of the rules in the healthcare overall could mean more money for doctors but cuts in care for the patients. elizabeth mcdonalds joins us. >> from the morristown medical center this video is set to the song by whelan jennings "looking
11:27 am
for love. it is the new attainable care organization and the cost savings. they are joining under healthy forums. here's a video. let's take a listen. >> ♪ >> the government centers for medicare and medicaid services. we talked to doctors at the hospital, here's what they are saying about these new government accountable care organizations. they reward doctors and medical workers for doing less. it decreases access to care. this is totally opposite of what the president wanted in health
11:28 am
reform access to medicare. they are readmitted to tests and doctors referrals the more medicaid money there is in the pot for the hospitals and doctors to split among themselves. the hospital has responded to fox business. this is what they are saying. this is a fun spoof about readmissions readmission. not meant as a mocker reworking together about partnerships and taking care of patients. i spoke to a doctor who said the video was taken out of context. when you see the money changing hands he's saying that's money that the hospital under this accountable care organization that's money that the hospital has to split half and half with the federal government. if they are in the hco. the name of the game if you are in the hco's are operating in if 40 states. medicare is now about to exceed the cost of the defense budget
11:29 am
about two years. what this means is you get your healthcare at home. that's what doctors are telling fox business you will be attended to by nurses or physician's assistance. the name of the game is to manage your illness at home. >> i am glad you added that about the physician's assistance. >> in a lot of trouble. >> coming up next there's a new debate over presidential power. after one senator suggests this president might accomplish a whole lot in his second term agenda by completely ignoring congress. that debate is next. plus the chilling new details out of alabama. they get new information from the neighbor when we come back.
11:30 am
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>> new details now in the chilling standoff in alabama. 24-hours after authorities say a gunman stopped a school bus killed the driver when he refused to hand over a child, snatched a 6-year-old boy and retreated into a bunker at what he believes is his home. not the child's home but the perpetrator's home. we have video of a police swat team coming back from the standoff scene. what happened? we don't know. the police are moving them, the
11:34 am
press back a thousand feet. it was a little striking earlier how close she was to this means of egress from the crime scene from where they believe the perpetrator is. a neighbor talked to liz ant described the suspect as a vie re lent man who threatened the neighborhood children before. they need a wider perimeter when they suspect something might happen and they don't want the cameras closer. we will bring you more as we get it. >> we are going to see a president of the united states use his executive powers as much as he is allowed under federal law and under the constitution and in a more aggressive way. you will see the president use executive powers within the constitutional legal authority. i think much of the progressive agenda needs to be driven that way. >> those comments raising
11:35 am
concerns of a potential power grab by the executive branch. it's a presidential control the approach. it could arguably go against the bipartisan spirit the president mentioned so often or does it. joining me on the panel is vice presidential nominee jack kemp and talk news service correspondent. political ad viseor to new jersey senator frank louter burg and a democratic strategist and member of the 1996 clinton dorr campaign media teal. you have them saying look, what happened was the msnbc host was giving him a hard time because she was unhappy they didn't change the rules for the filibuster in the senate. trill shut down the filibuster in many cases. you were saying forget the senate. we are not going to need the sen that t gnat that much. we are going to do this through executive order. obama will expand his executive orders to take care of things. the examples he spoke of were on climate change voting rights gun
11:36 am
safety labor law. there's a question about whether that's appropriate and whether he should do it. is it going to create outrage in some circles? >> it already has. the reality is look in the past when executive powers are used by a president it's in the realm of commander-in-chief. he was called imperial by senator barack obama. when it came to wiretaps and prosecuting global war interrogation techniques he used executive borders to get his way. when it comes to domestic issues there is more clear limitation on the presidency who on the eyes of the constitution is a co equal branch of government to the congress. when you do things like cap and trade enforcement through the epa instead of legislation when you do things like car chicken forcement through the national labor relations board and not the congress and others, immigration reform, you circumvent and you do an executive order you are violating the spirit of the
11:37 am
constitution if not federal law. >> is there a distinction between what he would be doing and what we saw president reagan do and george h.w. bush. >> i would be a hypocrite if i didn't criticize obama as well. i believe the way to get the bloggers is to get rid of the filibuster and to get government moving. >> you believe that today with the authorities. >> i work in the senate and democrats. i still don't like the filibuster. i think it's completely the an sittis of what voters want. they should run the senate the way they want. at the end of the day the executive power seems to circumvent that. i would rather have less filibuster less executive tower and have equal branch of the government. >> what do you make of it, hank? >> he has the administrative agencies that we can do certain things through. is it a front as to how we normally do business in the
11:38 am
country. >> the presidency is something we have lived with probably since franklin dell another roosevelt. with every president since democrat or republican the president has accumulated more power. everybody used it in their own way extended their powers beyond the founding fathers. this is no different. he who has the power makes the rules. that's why you have rules and legislative body. take the rule making power away from the individuals it is a major mistake. >> i am sorry but look at the two mounts we have been talking about. we have been talking about the filibuster and executive power. these things were specifically limited in our constitution because the framers didn't know any one side they did not have power and authority over the process. but the spirit of the filibuster is to allow and do the job more slowly. >> there is no question the founders were concerned about experimental teaching: procedures for developing
11:39 am
effective individualized instruction ti -- executive pou they just came from that. look at our first leaders they didn't want the job george washington. now we have morphed into a very different place. is that what we intended? >> it is whom they are going to elect and they voted for balance of power. the end of the day the voters voted to give republicans control of both houses of congress the republicans should go and do their business. minority gets to vote but you don't get to hold up what the majority voted in effect. the same thing goes for the presidency. they have to deal with the congress. they are equal branchs of government. franklin roosevelt ridiculously accused it. >> (talking over one another) >> the president seems frustrated by divided government. i understand because he can't get anything done he thinks the
11:40 am
house republicans can't get anything through. but is the answer to that too bad? that's the way they set it up. >> talked extensively about gridlock the norm we have experienced the only way around to take this kind of action. then the congress responds in an appropriate fashion which is jump up and down and stream. they offer 23 executive orders. >> not orders, actions. >> memorandum in the spirit of executive power and also when you had the whole carbon cap and trade go down in the early part of his first term. democrats have disagreed with him. this is his own party going the executive order route. >> lindsey graham previously supported has said we are not voting for it for reasons having
11:41 am
nothing -- >> (not at all. you have the filibuster used all of the time. >> 50 votes in the senate killed the filibuster. >> 60 votes does not kill a filibuster. (talking over one another) >> we heard people calling president bush an imperial president you hear it more about president obama. he is not king. he is not king. you saw people respond when the federal court struck down the nlrb relations appointments and said it was in recess. no it wasn't, you are not allowed to do that. you are not king. you have to remember. >> the case to watch is the one i lose the nra going back, roosevelt acts, everybody learns the constitutional law. where this is going to wind up ultimately is in the court.
11:42 am
absent that congresses are going to do it. they are just not going to. >> you are going to strike down everything obama did, what the previous presidents have done. >> it is not legally true. if you are going to attack obama for it then you have to attack previous president for it. >> the recent appointment president obama made the reason they were controversial the senate was technically in session. they were not technically in recess. >> that was because president bush wanted to stop making the resource. >> the place to find equity is always in the courts. >> i have to go. we have an amazing story next even though you were amazing, too. we are getting new video on the deadly storm systems. it already killed two people across the u.s. look at these pictures. so awful.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
>> it is the viral act of kindness. the sterling family from missouri. an e-mail they got 5 orphans in peru was a scam until they discovered the overseas plea was the real deal. they did not have a lot of money but realized they could help. now the five orphans have a new home and a new family. lauren and scott sterling join us live to talk about it. god bless you and your family. you saw a problem and you decided to help. so image knee times you see a problem and you say that's terrible and move on with your lives. you did so much more. you heard this plea once you found out it was leggeit how di you go from saying this is terrible to i would like to become their new mother and give them a home?
11:47 am
>> i did what a lot of people did, too. someone with a lot of money should do that. it's a great thing. i think people deserve a family kids deserve a family but i didn't immediately think it could be us. it it can me several months and it took me seeing some things in an orphanage in a different country and exposure to other things to say it could be us. >> you were part of a lawn and landscape company. you freely admit you don't have a ton of dough. was there hesitation about the financial expense of your family not to mention the emotional expense of taking in five new family members? >> oh, yeah. i mean i am very practical and very logical. initially i was like how am i going to do this? how are we going to do this.
11:48 am
i had friends and family saying you are crazy for considering this. i had moments where i was like i love my life i am comfortable where i am and everything is good. i heard my self saying those things and i couldn't image telling god that these need parents they needed a family but i was too comfortable with my life and decided that was more important, my comfort was more important than these kids having a parent. >> their parents died 6 years earlier of tuberculosis. the oldest brother wanted to keep the family together the five of them in peru and they maintained that in an orphanage and were asking the world to help give them a family. give their family a place to live then they came across you two. tell us about when they fist came to missouri when you first got them into your home what was that like, lauren? >> i think after several weeks in peru we were there for five
11:49 am
weeks. i almost forgot what life was like before that. that is good to watch that so when you come home you have a family of nine it is the new normal for us. they love our house. we think we need more showers. there's a line waiting for showers. at first when we were selling, they didn't untd stand why are we selling our house, why would we leave? they are very comfortable. they love family. they are used to sharing. without a family they felt they had siblings with kids they shared everything with they are great at sharing and doing life together. they all sit on the same couch to watch the same video on one computer screen. they are very comfortable. it's good for them. >> the picture here we can see your two daughters who also took on a bunch of siblings as a result of this move. how did they react to this? >> well, our three-year-old went
11:50 am
would us, lainey. she was all the time talking to her brothers and sisters. our five new kids were speeching her spanish. she said a lot of (speaking spanish) our 19-year-old was in college and had to finish up final exams. so when we landed in kansas city that was the first time she got to see them in person. they just adore her. they love her so much. and it is very unique deal. >> i know you are a family of faith and your church has been instrumental in helping this whole thing happen. but the people in your community also rallied to help you in a way that was very moving. they -- when they saw what you did they found acts of kindness to offer you have their own. tell us. >> people from all over the place. we have received anonymous gifts in the mail whether it's gift cards or money, a gift card from
11:51 am
someone i don't know paid for most of my school supplies when we started this semester. yesterday a few days ago we had paper towels and peanut butter on the porch. seems like small things. but all of the little things, all of the things you don't think about when you are not feeding 9 people. paper towels and peanut butter basic s are things we are flyin through. we have never made more trash in our lives. it is all things that help us. it is good reminders we are not doing this by ourselves. not everybody is call to do do what we do. not everybody is looking for 5 kids to bring into their homes. that's how oir church played a part in the story by helping us stay strong with days are rough. the anonymous gifts come on the perfect day when we need to be reminded we are going to be okay we are doing the right thing. people all over the place have been supportive and given. >> i personally have spoken with
11:52 am
people who are interested in your cause and think what you have done is wonderful. god bless your entire family. those children all 7 of them. a and good luck to you, too. >> thank you so much. >> love that story. what happened to my sleep? we taped the other day. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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[ woman ] learn from my story. before you begin an aspirin regimen. thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing.
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11:55 am
>> they may look cute and cuddly. a new report shows how cats are stone cold killers. putting up body counts for years. my mom says i knew it. >> when they ran the research
11:56 am
they had no idea what they would find. domestic cats could be the nation's biggest threat to wildlife. your fluffy friends really are killers. look at the numbers. how thes cats that spend time-out side along with stray cats and feral cats kill 2.3 billion birds a year, 12.3 billion mammals. these are native to their habitats unlike foreign invaders like rats that you would expect them to kill. more animals die from cats than cars pesticides, poisons, windmills any other single cause. it was conducted with the health of fishing wildlife department. the feds did this thing. they xhieled the numbers by using the top 21 studies from around the world and added the numbers up. here is the real problem. more and more cats are being abandoned. some people feed the colonies of
11:57 am
feral cats. even if your cat spends a little time-out side they multiply as rabbits only they are not as sweet. what's happening is there are 80 million of these cats out there now and they have to eat and they are eating whatever is in their path. it is turning out to be a major problem so the experts say we don't want to roundup the cats and stray cats and kill them, what we need to do is round them up fix them, spa spay and neuter them and send them back out into the wild. >> we are paying the federal government to be the advocate >> they are so cute, though. >> we are keeping a close eye on the dangerous weather system stretching from the gulf of mexico all of the way up to canada. hail, severe thunderstorms and even deadly tornadoes. we told you about that a bit earlier. the very latest on the storm's path from the fox news extreme weather center next.
11:58 am
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